Family Harmony- Patience is Key

The family nucleus gives our children their first opportunity to live and work together in a community as well as experience the differences which abound within it; what pleases one for example can be bothersome to another. To develop mutual respect and learn to accept and even appreciate the differences withing the family requires much time and patience, yet accepting the individual characteristics and learning to work together as a very close-knit team is what makes it really pleasant to be in a family.a happy fam

To be a good parent takes infinite patience. It is natural for children to constantly test their parents patience. And for parents it is an effort to be more patient, especially when they are often tired due to various responsibilities.

So one can see that it is said with good reason that parenting is one of the most difficult jobs. Although it is also one of the most rewarding.

When we understand that there is nothing more important than loving our children and helping them grow into becoming serene, kind and responsible adults the challenge becomes somewhat easier.

There will be moments when one loses one's patience, but you can always regain composure and talk to your child/children to make them aware of what just happened, using age appropriate words. We should apologize to our children about our behaviour, fortunately for us they forgive our outbursts very easily. The amount of tolerance that they have with us as parents is truly impressive.

We must try to teach them through our behaviour the ability to calmly and successfully face any hassle they will encounter in their lives. Finding within us the serenity we need to be patient with our children, we can create a home environment where the daily domestic struggles may at times be difficult but not unbearable.

A house where tolerance towards others allows us to enjoy each other in small but significant ways, even in the frenzy of daily activities, will provide children an example to inspire them, and an inner strength that can they can draw on for the rest of their lives.


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