Colour Me Happy!

Colour therapy (Chromo therapy) uses the colours of the rainbow to help people change their moods in a positive manner. By either wearing the colour (of the desired effect) or painting your home with it,you will be able to feel the benefits of colour therapy. For instance if you are feeling depressed you should 'look at' a colour which attracts positive energy.
A simple but powerful option is to keep a vase of Sunflowers or Daffodils in the table of a room where you will spend alot of time in,because yellow is the 'happy colour' of the prisma.
 Yellow reminds us of the sun and we all know how spending some time under the sun can be a great boost to our mood and enhance our happiness. But make sure to only surround yourself with small doses of yellow since the colour also stimulates our appetite (Which is not a good idea if you are planning to lose weight!!).
Another loud shade that screams high energy and happiness is orange. Wearing orange will make you feel playful and also bring out your creative streak.

If you are feeling stressed out and want to unwind then the colours for you are either sky blue or light green. Both of these colours are very relaxing and serene blue makes our subconcious think about the sky and water which is also a relaxing element. These soothing colours are ideal to use in the colour scheme of your bedroom or any other place where you plan to 'recharge' yourself.

When you want to get motivated and feel energized then wearing clothes with the colour combination of red and purple is the way to go. Red which we assocciate with anger and warning signs most of the time,make our bodies release adrenaline which in turn makes the heart pump faster and raise our energy levels so that we can get ready to face any challenge that life throws at us.
By adding the purple shade(which a shade to wear if you want to stand out in a crowd rather than blend in) it will act as an 'extra' boost to the passionate red to help you obtain the desired results of your mission.

So add some colour into your life! Because you never know which colour will help you achieve your dreams today...

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