Get Rid Of The Vampires!

Vampire-fangs-vampires-28156598-300-400Okay, I realize that the title of this article is strange, but I assure you that the sharp canines of dear old Count Dracula have nothing to do with it.

This article relates to those people who suck positive energy from us, those who with their words and their skeptical attitudes negatively affect us by "stealing" our positive spirit, our desires to fulfill our dreams and our faith in our dreams!

The idea came to me yesterday, when by chance, on TV, I heard the words of a psychologist, I cannot even remember his name appealing to young single women who had not yet found the right man to share their lives with.

I do not remember the exact words but his speech went something like this:


‘Women, do not wait for Prince Charming to take you to his castle on a white horse, because he will never come!’

Now, I do not know how many women expect Prince Charming on a white horse, probably not many, but I imagine that most women are looking for a man who at least comes close to their ideal mate, before marrying the first man they meet.

Now, what right has this psychologist to address the totality of women and give advice so recklessly? How could he express these ideas which are nothing more than his conviction as if they were the words of God? And why should the female viewers allow his words to crush their dreams?

Well, here is a prime example of a vampire: the psychologist has stolen the hopes of those single female viewers, who allowed themselves be persuaded by his words.

Unfortunately, one does not need to watch television in order to find vampires: they are everywhere, and they are very often people who surround us and love us, they "suck" our energy unconsciously and without malice thinking that they are doing good.

The reality is that their negative view of the world is filtered through the beliefs that they themselves have of the world, which clashes with our positive outlook and from there gives rise to a conflict of ideas, doubts, anxiety, fear, until one of the two visions succumbs. Unfortunately very often it is the positive vision and
optimism to give way to negativity.

Therefore I tell you do not allow yourselves to be INFLUENCED by vampires that creep into your lives and implore you give up your dreams just because they think your dreams amount to wishful thinking. Do not give up on your desires to conform to their beliefs!

Always be yourself, and follow the only voice that can guide you: that of your heart. 

Kiss kiss


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