It's Off To The Dentist We Go!

toothIt's off to the dentist we go! Thanks to Dr. Mohamed we will be taking all 13 children who partake in our Imagination Workshops to the dentist for a check-up! Dr. Mohamed has very generously offered to do dental work on the children of Bambini Dream! for free.

This is a big deal for all of us at BD! as well as for the children, as we all know that doctors visits are expensive and for those parents who live below the breadline taking their children to the dentist happens rarely, if ever.

Teaching children proper dental hygiene is very important in order to keep their teeth healthy and strong, but taking children for regular check-ups is just as important for early detection of cavities, gum diseases and other dental abnormalities. Early detection can prevent serious and life long dental problems.

This Saturday the first group of four children will be going for their check-up with Dr. Mohamed as well as a visit with the oral hygienist. Apart from having their teeth checked they will also be shown how to brush their teeth properly and floss!

When I asked Dr. Mohamed why he felt the urge to get involved in the project. His simple yet profound answer was.

'Many reasons why I decided to help. Mainly because there is such great reward in helping others.'

Thank you Dr. Mohamed for helping us to ensure that all the children of Bambini Dream have healthy smiles! I will be writing another article after our visit on Saturday. So stay tuned!


Dr. Aziz Mohamed

Shop 104 Golden Acre

Cape Town


Tel: (021) 461 7886  *from 1pm

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