A Small Act Of Kindness Goes A Long Way

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What does it take to have a positive impact the lives of 13 wonderful children? A small act of kindness.

This year The Bambini Dream Foundation started its first series of workshops called ‘Imagination Workshops’. The idea was simple, ‘How can we help underprivileged children expand their awareness and dream bigger than their circumstances?

I conveyed this thought to Debbie Smith who expanded on it by saying that we should call it Imagination Workshops, workshops which focused on teaching children how to use their imagination via the avenues of literature, art and music. I also thought it was important to teach children how to visualise and how to use positive affirmations in times when they face challenges.

Once the idea was formalised quickly more people came onboard. I told my mother, Juleen Tomlinson who told her friend Lameez Harrison and they jumped onboard with both feet. These two were having private meetings over drinks as they plotted and planned how Bambini Dream was going to sky rocket and how we were going to make so many children happy. They have done so much in support of this project that I love them more than I already did!

Debbie spread the word at her work and soon Marcelle Dirks Damons joined the group. Marcelle is one of those people who asks only what needs to be done and does it. I sometimes think of her as the engine of the Imagination Workshops as she steams rolls over any possible obstacle to reach the objectives of the Foundation. If Marcelle had an ethos it would most likely be, ‘By all means possible’ and boy oh boy are we blessed to have her as our angel.

So with willing participants lined up, I had to find children and quickly! It was then when I contacted Andrew Gasnolar who is the Legal Eagle of Bambini Dream as well as founding member of The Boundless Heart Foundation. Andrew put me in touch with another angel, community worker Lee Warren who works tirelessly in the Temporary Relocation Area in Delft called Blikkiesdorp.

Lee happily agreed to find me 10 children (initial number) between the ages of 8-10years to partake in the workshops. At this stage we had a dream, help and children but how would we get the children to the venue? I put my thinking cap on and made some more enquiries and was blessed to get the OK from Loretta Februarie and her husband Marius Februarie.

They offered to fetch the children and take them back to Blikkiesdorp, not just for the first event but for all 6 events which we had envisioned! And they offered to do this out of their own pockets. I was elated!

With each passing day things began to take shape and the excitement grew this is when yet another angel joined the group. This angel was all too eager to jump onboard when he heard Lameez excitedly spreading the word and his name is Lucas Kwetana. Lucas who is a dental hygienist and works with Lameez has been at each and every workshop thus far, giving of his time, energy and love.

Then I heard more good news from Lameez when she let me know that Dr. Aziz Mohamed (Dentist) who works with her has offered to do the dental work of the children who participate in the Imagination Workshops. When I heard this news I became overwhelmed with gratitude as it hit me just how many caring and generous people there is in this world. Aziz is a wonderful person and I am so glad to have met him.

Another angel who has been as dependable as a rock is Shivon Esau the partner of Lameez. Shivon has been our transportation to the event as well as our muscle man, whose biggest muscle happens to be his heart. He has given of his time, his energy, his love and whatever else was needed at all of our events. He is as gentle and compassionate as they come.

We have also been blessed with the presence of (Foxy Roxy) Roxanne Du Preez. Roxanne is a photographer and has helped showed the children what life looks like from behind a camera lens. She has been with since day one and together with Debbie has assured that BD has great pictures of our children.

Then came Maureen Le Roux Dougmore.  Maureen is like a child in an adults body! At Bambini Dream we think highly of such folk! She is full of positive energy, wonderful ideas and above all love! Maureen makes up songs as she goes along and entertains the children with games and fun ways to use their imagination. I love having her energy around and I so look forward to more days spent together. These are a few key people who have been involved in the Imagination Workshops.

There are other volunteers who have helped along the way and those who have donations for which I am extremely grateful. It took a team of people in order to pull off these Imagination Workshops. A team of people who decided that once a month they would give of themselves for a few hours to bring happiness and a dream into the hearts and minds of our angels.

This whole experience has once again shown that you do not need money or great resources to help those around you. So many times I hear people say that if they had the money they would help, but that is just an excuse.

All we really need is small acts of kindness performed by more ordinary people such as you and me. The Imagination Workshops ceasing for the next two months and so until we start again, thank you to each and every person who has helped make a difference!

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