H.E.L.P- Helping Equals Loving People


A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another as I have loved you.

So many times I have heard people say, that when they desire to help those in need, once they win the lottery or when their ship comes in. And although this thought shows that the person cares enough about ‘others’ to even think about them in the future, I am afraid if we all waited to win the lottery or for our ships to come in, those truly in need will never be clothed, fed nor loved.

Somehow many of us believe that helping the needy (those not included in our family and friends) is the responsibility of someone else, namely the government and other organisations sponsored by them, and while it may be true that governments have been put in power to govern countries in such a way so that all basic rights of human beings within that country is being met it does not happen that way. Yes, we as individuals may not have been elected to take on the responsibility of dealing with social issues, but we do have a responsibility towards our fellow human beings, animals and our environment.

Compassion is something which nobody needs to be elected to show. What about compassion?

On Saturday a group of compassionate people namely; Lameez Harrison, Shannon Kruyt, Juleen Tomlinson, Paula Davis, Shivon Esau, Lucas Kwetana and some staff members from Bidvest, teamed together the resources they had, and went to feed the hungry children of Blikkiesdorp.

By combining the resources they made 40 litres of soup and sandwiches for children. That day, the little stomachs of those children were made full by the compassion of a few people who cared.

A warm bowl of soup may mean as little as another meal for you or for me, but for some people it means the only meal they will have that day.

Speaking from the heart of each of those hungry children who were fed on Saturday by these wonderful acts of compassion, I say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Let this be a lesson to us all that, you don’t have to give away all that you have in order to be of service or of value to another human being.

Right now, were you are, with compassion in your heart you can H.E.L.P


+2 #1 Ashley M. Samuels 2012-10-19 10:24
Hi Tarryn Tomlinson,...if each human being can put their hands together to feed just one hungry child the whole world will make a huge difference, and it will not be necessary for governments to support.
A small,a very small donation of only R20 could feed a child that is so bitterly hungry for a day, children are our future and should be loved and cared for, we grow older and we'll need their support when they are older and we cannot sustain ourselves any more.
Have a great weekend! :P

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