Imagination Workshop 5

I just got back after the 5th Imagination Workshop for our 13 children at the Green Point Eco Park. What an amazing day!

Firstly let me start by saying that the sun came out and shone in all its glory, despite the weather looking a bit gloomy yesterday! Although to be honest, I had no doubt that the sun would shine, it always does, for the dreamers!

Even though we started a bit later than scheduled everything ran smoothly! All through the day, we had a silent onlooker in the form of film maker Bulelani Mvotho who was recording scenes for a 5 minute promotional documentary which he is giving as a gift to The Bambini Dream Foundation. What a kind hearted and beautiful person he is!

Our first activity of the day was a session of yoga, which was sponsored by Toni and her business called Y is for Yoga! ‘Y is for Yoga’ specialises in yoga for children. They offer yoga classes to children from the age of 24 months to 16 years.

What a fun session! Even the volunteers where partaking in the yoga session (some had to bow out gracefully as the activity proved to be just a little bit too hectic for their weary bones). Toni incorporates yoga postures (asana’s) , breathing techniques (pranayama) with visualisation. The children were imagining all sorts of wonderful things as they, breathed like dragons and saluted the sun. The children were so interested in the activity that they followed instructions to the T. Very proud of them.

Yoga for children benefits them on physical, mental and emotional levels. It especially has a profound effect on children who have experienced trauma. If you live in Cape Town and would like to get your child/children involved in the discipline of yoga, why not get in touch with Y is for Yoga. It’s more than just fun, it’s an investment in their well-being.

After the children were all stretched out, it was off to the beach! We had kept it a secret but we had another adventure in store for them. They were going kayaking! What an adventure! Each child armed with a paddle, life jacket and a guide, went out onto the Atlantic ocean amidst the waves and fresh sea air.

Thank you so much to Tracy and Arthur Fincham from Kaskazi Kayak on Beach Road Sea Point! The children had an experience of a life time. Just to think that a few months ago, on that very strip of beach, for one of our children it was their first time at the beach- ever- and today they had the opportunity to go kayaking in the ocean. This is a memory which I know will be forever with them.

Why not make new memories with your family by going kayaking? A guided tour requires no prior training and the experience is awesome. Depending on the time of day and season you could be kayaking with dolphins alongside you. Kayaking alongside dolphins? Yes! Seriously, what better gift could you give your child or to yourself? Kayaking in the evening is a great (and romantic) way to watch the sunset, with that special person, so if you do not have children, don’t let that stop you!

After their sea adventure, it was back to the Eco park to have lunch and sing a few songs led by musician Peter Herring on his guitar. Which songs? Well, one of the songs sung was ‘Give Peace A Chance’- John Lennon. I must admit that the bigger Dreamers sang the loudest!

We finished off the day with a gratitude game. We all stood in a circle and starting with the letter A, went around giving thanks for something starting with a particular letter.

Finally it was time to say goodbye...but not before handing the children their halloween inspired gift bags, filled with edible goodies, colouring books and pages and their very own (photoshop) halloween picture.

A massive thank you, to each and every one of the volunteers who gave of their time to be with the children. Thank you to each person who donated goods and or money. Thank you to Y is for Yoga and to Kaskazi kayak’s for their sponsorship!













+1 #1 tracy 2012-10-27 18:55
i had as much fun as the kids, thank you taryn for organizing such a perfect day for us all!
love trace

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