The Mesmerising Mentalism of Larry Soffer

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Undoubtedly South Africa’s most famous mentalist, Larry Soffer has been entertaining people with his gift for performing since childhood, when he first discovered the ferromagnetic abilities that allowed him to bend, break and levitate metallic objects, animate mechanical devices, view objects that are hidden, read minds and even predict the future. It all sounds unbelievable, until you see Soffer perform and witness the mesmerising powers of his mind firsthand.

Watching Soffer perform one can’t help be amazed at the sheer ease with which he presents his talents. For someone with a repertoire of mentalism, mind reading, metal bending, and even levitation, the illusionist plies his trade with deceptive ease, making the audience feel relaxed and at ease while making objects vanish before their eyes. The thing most people remember after seeing one of his shows, aside from the impossible acts, is his warm and down to earth style.

This is because the profession is so close to his heart. Soffer truly believes in the power of thoughts and his unique shows are punctuated by his motivational approach to harnessing the mind’s energy. “Magic is the creation of our wildest dreams,” says Soffer, “therefore, my purpose is to inspire people to believe to see, instead of seeing to believe”.

Larry sealed his passion for the preternatural at the College of Magic in Cape Town, the Academy of Magical Arts and Hollywood’s famed Magic Castle and has been performing for awe-struck audiences all over the world that have included celebrities, royalty and a legion of fans he’s won over with his original combination of skill and entertainment.

See Larry Soffer in Cape Town with us!

The Bambini Dream Foundation will be hosting an evening of mind-bending magic with the renowned mentalist and illusionist, Larry Soffer. The show will be on the 9th December at the Labia and we want you to join us in experiencing the thrilling performance of this astounding show. Proceeds of the event will go to helping us help South African kids.


Article by: Megan Du Triou

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