Imagination Workshop- Freedom To Dream

freedom to dream

09:15: Collect kids.
10:00: Workshop begins
           Give out t-shirts
           Introduce theme song. Kids must listen and stop when they hear 'everything is going to be alright'
           No littering
11:00: Stretch and breathe
           Introduce theme of Freedom to Dream. Why did we choose this theme for this month?
           What is freedom?
           Show an example of a dream book
           Get dream books
           Put names on books
           Stick in 4 Mandela quotes and decorate
12:00: What is a dream?
           Group dream board. Take a photo to have printed for dream books next month
13:00: Lunch
14:30: Thanksgiving and End

Home dreaming - What is your biggest dream?
Coloring in page with quote - Dreams come a size too big so we can grow into them.
Take pics of each kid to mount and put on the cover of each dream book.

Freedom Day marked the birth of our 12 month course of Bambini Dream Imagination Workshops.  We could not have wished for a better date, as the theme of this first workshop was 'Freedom to Dream'. The venue for the workshop was the idyllic Green Point Park,  which is open to the public and one of the most stunning spots in Cape Town.

The children were collected from Blikkiesdorp by one of the volunteers. Hugs all round for Tarryn and the volunteers, then Bambini t-shirts on and some breakfast for everyone. It was then time for Tarryn to introduce the theme of the workshop. What is Freedom Day? What is freedom and what are we all free to do...no matter what?

It was an honor to be given the opportunity to introduce the children to their dream books and an incredible experience for me to witness our concept come alive. All the children listened intently while I told them the story of my own dream book and how it had helped me in my life. They seemed eager to get started on their own dream books straight away and were wide-eyed when we told them that there are no rules when it came to decorating the books...but still each and every one of them stuck their four little square cut-out Nelson Mandela quotes in perfect symmetry on the first page. However, they were a lot more creative with decorating the covers of the books and the volunteers were amazed to see how artistic they are and how therapeutic they all seemed to find this activity. It will be interesting to see whether they become more free with their art as time goes by.

I hadn't anticipated how excited the children would be and how whole-heartedly each one of them would get involved in decorating their books. I never thought that we would eventually have to tell them that is was time to put their books away because we needed to move onto another activity! I was particularly touched to see three of the little boys who usually are the first to do the physical and sporting activities sitting completely engrossed with decorating their books. Even when a lively game of cricket started up between the other boys, they continued to draw with the glitter pens and stick stars and butterflies on their cover and front pages.  

We have decided to keep the dream books with us and the children will only get to see them once a month at the Imagination Workshops. After 12 months we will give them the books to keep and continue working on. I only wish I could be a fly on the wall when they come across their books again as adults...

I love the idea of making these children believe in and live towards their dreams. I hope that we will make them realise that they truly are free to dream, just as much as anyone else is. We have given them the task of keeping any cut outs of dreams they have and bringing along any momentos of happy times to stick in their dream books at the next workshop. I am looking forward to seeing what they bring!

13 x A4 hardcover notebooks
Wrapping paper
Glitter pens
Confetti stars and butterflies
Foam alphabet letters
Old magazines
Big piece of cardboard
Crickets bat, ball and wickets
Hoola hoops
Breakfast - weetbix and juice
Lunch - stew and juice
Gift bags - sweets, donated clothes allocated to girls


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