The Good and the Bad- The Boesman Project

Within 4 days the music video titled 'The Good and the Bad' by the Boesman Project hits 44 000 hits on Youtube. The song and music video highlights issues of life on the Cape Flats, in particular gansterism and drug addiction.


The twist to this tale however is that the musician steers us to view the problem from a different perspective. Instead of just focusing on what the gangster has become, we need to remember that they too are victims of social ills and a system which has forgotten the poor.

In an interview for Eyewitness News, musician Kirk Krotz (The Boesman Project) speaks about how the gangsters and crystal meth addicts (tik koppe) were not born that way. He tells a personal story of how one of his closest friends as a child was a ' Kwaai Ou' (nice guy) is now a tik kop, gangster and is in Pollsmoor prison. Despite what his friend has become he still has beautiful memories of this individual.

It is common and easy to dehumanize the criminal whilst forgetting the circumstances which led them down that road. We forget that there is a good side to them too. The good and the bad exists in everything and everyone.

Whether the magical ingredient was the message, the musical composition, the videography or a combination of all, The Boesman Project has exploded into the minds and heart of people.

In the words of Kirk Krotz (The Boesman Project); " You make up your mind about this ... the good and the bad."

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