Imagination Workshop- The Many Faces of Pablo Picasso

Saturday 22nd February:

The Many Faces of Pablo Picasso





The past workshop we introduced our little dreamers to the artist Pablo Picasso, focusing particularly on his paintings of faces. Picasso was chosen because I wanted the children to see that art does not necessarily mean 'realism' and that they should not be afraid to 'think' or 'draw' out of the box. For those who are familiar with Spanish born Pablo Picasso, you are aware that his paintings are quite abstract and quirky.

Our little dreamers created quirky faces which turned out to be a surprise even for them. Each child was given a chance to throw a dice and the each time a number corresponded with a particular nose, eye, mouth or face shape. The result is that their face was completely a design of chance :)

It was interesting to see how uncomfortable some children were to draw a face that was less than perfect, although others took to it quickly. 


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