24 Hours of Happy! 


The world's first ever 24 hour music video. The music video was shot for the theme song of 'Despicable Me 2', Happy by Pharrell Williams. The music video which lasts for 24 hours has a cast of over 360 people getting only a single take each, dancing to the full song (impromptu). 

Each person is shot dancing in different locations around LA. Some famous faces to be seen are Kelly Osbourne, Magic Johnson and Pharrell Williams himself.

The song is upbeat and the video makers have this message: 'Whenever and wherever you are, you can be happy!'


Pharrell Williams is a philanthropist and is involved in many initiatives to create change in the world. You can read more about the work that is being done at his foundation by going to:

www.fohta.org (From One Hand To Another)

You can also check out his other social initiative which is about celebrating the differences amongst people:

www.iamother.com (I AM other)

There is so much positivity and wonderful initiatives happening around the world. So, let's be happy and spread happy!





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