What You As A Parent or Caregiver Must Know About Child Abuse

Violence against children is a global epidemic and despite laws and structures that have been put in place to protect these young children, very little action is being taken against those who are in position and have the authority over children’s welfare.

One of the most alarming statics about child abuse is that more than half of the children who are abused experience it at the hands of a caregiver, a teacher or a relative. Children on a daily basis are at the mercy of those who they trust and often times love. Loving parents and caregivers who educate their children about the dangers 'out there' are often unaware and therefore do not teach children that those who are perpetrators of abuse are much closer to home.

Over the course of the next 45 days we will be exploring the topic of child abuse. Taking a deeper look into the statics and discussing ways in which we can be proactive in taking a stand against child abuse together





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