Jolene's Story: How One Girls Bravery Put A Child Abuser Behind Bars

It is a powerful thing when children speak up against child abuse especially in cases where children being vocal leads to perpetrators being put behind bars. This is exactly what happened last year when Jolene De Jongh one of our 'Little Dreamers' reported a child abuser in her community.

According to Jolene one of her closest friends confided in her that she had been raped by an older community member yet the girl begged Jolene to keep her secret in fear of what might happen to her should this man find out. He had threatened the little girl and she was terrified of him. 

Despite her friends request, Jolene knew that she needed to tell someone about what had happened. She told her mother and when she felt her mother was stalling with the information Jolene decided to tell her friends father.

The man was arrested and when he was, other children in the community started coming forth with their stories of how he had sexually abused them. So far more than six children came forth with their stories.

The man is in jail and the court case is still on going. We would like to take the time to thank Jolene on behalf of all the children who he had abused and those who he would have abused in this time that he has been incarcerated.

Jolene's bravery is testament to how powerful we can be when we speak up against child abuse.



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