Inspirational Story On The Healing Power of Music

When you break a bone you visit a doctor. When you need a tooth taken out you visit a dentist. When your car breaks down the obvious choice is to call AAA or a mechanic.

When a child is abused however, who to go to for help for healing is not always clear or easy. Many abused children suffer the effects of abuse for many years after the fact, with issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, psychological effects and in others, they turn to crime and the cycle of violence repeats itself.

It cannot be stressed enough how important finding support and starting the therapeutic process can help heal the broken soul. One way that healing can be found is by using music as therapy.

Follow this link to read the inspirational story of a young woman who suffered abuse at the hands of a clergyman and how music healed and inspired her: http://tinyurl.com/qywd5w9


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