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imagination workshop

Our very first imagination workshop with our first group of ten children was a resounding success! How did I measure the success? At the end of the workshop I asked, ‘Would you like to come back?’ With beaming faces all the children shouted ‘Yes!!!’

The objective of the imagination workshops are to open childrens’ minds, by exposing them to the arts, music and literature. But it is also about teaching children the importance of their imagination. The importance of having a dream and working towards achieving that dream. Here is a brief description of what took place that day.

We started the morning off with breakfast after which we played an ice-breaker game, the game was a game of trust. The children had to trust the volunteers who were going to be interacting with them that day. They did this by closing their eyes and falling back into the arms of a volunteer. At first some children were a bit hesitant but after the first round they couldn’t wait to do it again!
Next the volunteers and the children enjoyed a type of Alice in Wonderland adventure. One volunteer had to accompany two children to find the rabbit which was located in the Eco park. The team which found the rabbit first won the prize. Two proud boys brought home the bunny!


After all that fun and running about, all the children settled on the grass to listen to a short story read by me called, ‘Picnik’. They all listened attentively and very correctly answered questions I had asked them.
When story time was over it was time for a writing exercise. They were given a picture and they had to create a story about what they thought was happening in the picture. They also had a drawing exercise to complete, with their new pencil crayons so kindly donated by Kurgan Kenani Leather.
I’m not just saying this because I am proud of our first group of bambini, but they all were able to draw very well! Some of them drew action characters whilst others drew the South African flag, hearts and flowers.
After all their hard work, it was time to play! They had so much fun in the beautiful playground of the Eco park.
Play time was followed by relaxation and visualisation exercises, teaching children techniques to help them more effectively deal with stress. We all enjoyed lunch together on the grass. The children were then given the opportunity to make fruit kebabs, which they really enjoyed. Our second last exercise for the day was the touch and create segment. This exercise was about teaching children how to use instruments in order to create a painting, take a photograph and play the guitar.

We ended the day with a thanksgiving exercise, helping children foster the attitude of gratitude. I can’t wait to see them at our next imagination workshop! Thank you to all the people who donated towards this workshop and to all those who volunteered of their time to help make this an enjoyable day for the children.

Thank you to Juleen and Lameez who donated food and for helping to organise this event. Thank you ShivanThank you to Debbie for helping with creating such an amazing workshop for our angels. Thank you Marcelle for donating, volunteering of your time and your incredible, ‘Let’s make it happen’ attitude! Thank you Lucas for coming to spend time with us and for donating. Thank you Roxanne for taking photographs and for showing the children how to take some shots!

Thank you to Geno and Ken for coming along with your guitars
And a special, special thanks to Loretta and her husband for fetching the children from Blikkiesdorp and taking them back safely. You have been a tremendous help!

Thank you Kurgan Kenani Leather’s and Ital Printing.


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