Dream for a Day - Oh what a day!

…there was paint galore, literally dripping  colour from the ceiling and onto the carpeted floor! But first let me take you back to a few hours before

  • 9am- Volunteer briefing at the Old Biscuit Mill

The day began with the team from The Taxi, Boundless Heart and Bambini Dream! meeting in the courtyard at The Old Biscuit Mill for a volunteers briefing. As we all joined together to get a better idea of what was to happen at Blikkiesdorp, we first had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and state why we were there. The common objective being to spread love amongst the children and to speak about the importance of their dreams.

But something else which struck me as I was listening to these group of volunteers speak about who they are and why they were there, was that they too were fulfilling their dreams. Some volunteers were fulfilling their dreams of travelling around the world to help people. Others were fulfilling their dreams to be of service to those in their own communities. Thanks to this wonderful project we were all fulfilling our dreams and so happiness was the definite energy which permiated the group.

10am- Blikkiesdorp crechè

When arriving in Blikkiesdorp we were greeted by a sea of eager faces, both young and old. It was the slightly older faces which I was most surprised to see as the event was planned for those between the ages of 4-7yrs, but this just affirmed that so many more children were excited by what they were seeing and therefore wanted to be apart of it, as well as some of the adults in the community. How could we turn them away? :)

The day kicked off with Soli Philander, owner of The Taxi radio, explaining to all the children the art programme we had in store for them. As they sat listening to Soli (and eagerly waiting for him to finish) they were given juice and doughnuts to eat in the mean time.

The room (container) in which we had to  carry out the art project was really small, and as a result many children had to work outside, but never the less a spot was found for all and the magic started to happen. Once given paint brushes, sponges, paper and paint, these little ones really began having fun! Each volunteer had a group of children to assist, helping them in the visualising process of their dream.

Many of the boys in my group wanted to become policemen, the girls were less sure and instead drew pictures of homes with beautiful gardens. At first the children were hesitant as what to paint but once they got started they didn’t want to stop!

Outside our artist for the day Sara Gaqa had chosen a few of the older boys to paint on a canvas which is to be donated to the Mandela Rhodes Foundation. They were allowed to paint whatever they liked on the canvas, and Sara will weave her magic over what they had painted depicting Nelson Mandela.


After all the childrens art pieces were collected they were asked to gather outside and were given hot dogs to eat and juice to drink. This gave the volunteers time to clean the room as there was paint galore, literally dripping colour from the ceiling and onto the carpeted floor!


Time to end the days activities with Soli thanking all the volunteers. We all posed for some pictures with big smiles and enlivened hearts.

Apart from the artistic expression of these children, and their joy at having us there, I was blown away by the way so many volunteers provided them copious amounts of love and attention. Something which so many of them starve for. A highlight of the day for me was when I saw one of the volunteers (Ramone from France), with two children on either arm, as they clung around his neck not wanting to let go. Proving that a little love and attention, was more then enough to brightly colour their day. Thank u from the bottom of my heart to all who were involved.

Bambini Dream!

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