The Boundless Heart Foundation

The Boundless Heart Foundation, is a non-profit organisation which was founded in August 2011 by Andrew Gasnolar, Jasmina Gasnolar and Shamiel Hagee. When the organisation began, their mission was simple: to feed the hungry, and they set out to do this by organising various mobile feeding operations, however with each passing month their vision and ambitions for the organisation grew.

As their ambitions grew they were approached to partner with The Taxi Radio and Metropolitan Health, in order to pull off a very ambitious project, that of feeding 2 500 children who live in a poverty stricken settlement called Blikkiesdorp – Delft (Cape Town) on Christmas day. But going to Blikkiesdorp was about more than just providing food; it was about bringing hope and smiles to the hearts and faces of those little children. It was about letting them know that they matter and that people do care about them and their struggles.

With lots of hard work, kind sponsors and volunteers the Bringing Hope to Blikkiesdorp was a huge success. The goal to feed 2 500 children was exceeded and in the end  3 500 meals were provided to children and adults. About 170 kind volunteers showed up on Christmas morning to help pull off the event and spend time with the children. Smiling faces abounded as the children had their faces painted, played games and sung songs.

For this coming year, the Boundless Heart Foundation and The Taxi Radio are planning more projects which will be geared towards youth development. Children are the future and they need to be encouraged to dream big and be given the opportunities and skills to rise above the difficulties which they endure everyday to become more than what would be expected from them.

For more information on how you can help out in the future, please contact us.

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