The Effects of Music on The Body and Soul

Music has always played a significant role in all cultures throughout time, with many believing that music was around even before man. Music over the ages has evolved and these days we can have access to many genres of music, all at the touch of a button.

Even though we are privy to all these sounds, we have somehow lost the musical knowledge of our ancestors. Our forefathers knew that the benefits of music super ceded  the effects of pleasure. Music was used in many cultures as a medium between our world and the spirit world and it was also used to heal.

There are numerous studies which have been conducted into the therapeutic benefits of music. By monitoring brain waves when subjects are made to listen to various pieces of music, scientist can accurately monitor which parts of the brain is effected and what responses are stimulated by the various musical pieces.

Another interesting study was performed in Japan by Dr. Masaru Emoto, as to the effects of different types of music as well as thoughts and emotions on water. Dr. Emoto developed a technique which allowed him to take microscopic pictures of frozen water particles which have been exposed to different types of music, emotions and thoughts.

The  results where astonishing, water  which had been exposed to the negative thoughts of researchers and certain types of music such as heavy metal, when frozen displayed asymmetrical patterns with dull colours. On the other hand water which was exposed to the loving thoughts and emotions of researches and pieces of music such as classical music, showed highly organised, complex patterns such as that of a snow flake.

Dr. Emoto has written a book called, ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’ and travels the world speaking of his findings. This study pertains very much as our bodies are made up of three-quarters water, proving that music as well as emotions can do much to heal or harm.

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