Dream for a Day

Back into the community of Blikkiesdorp, ‘The Taxi‘ internet radio, The Boundless Heart Foundation andBambini Dream! this Saturday (28 Jan) will be hosting an event for children called, ‘Dream for a Day’.

The objectives for the day are very simple. The first and main objective is to inspire these young minds to dream and to create a unique art pieces which depicts their dreams. The second objective is to take their unique pieces, and allow the artist Sara Gaqa to weave her magic. Each piece will be framed and auctioned to raise funds for better facilities for the crèche in Blikkiesdorp.

Dreaming is something which we assume comes naturally to children, and although this is true, many children who live in impoverished conditions where abuse and neglect is rife, often learn from a very young age that life is hard and that dreaming has nothing to do with the reality of things and thus these young minds grow up without hope and without a vision.

Yet without a dream and hope, how will they ever liberate themselves from a life of poverty and strife? How will they become more than the status quo? And how will we as a community begin to heal?

Dreaming is the first and most important step in changing anybodies life and this is what we hope to impart to these children. At Bambini Dream! this is our mission and I speak on behalf of the other two organisations when I say that they share the same dream and mission.

Like diamonds in the rough each child has the ability to shine in all their brilliance! To become excellent in whatever endeavour they set their minds and hearts on achieving, and we intend to help them.

Dream for a Day, is the first of many initiatives which we, the three organisations will be collaborating on,  geared towards this ideal. If you would like more information on how to help us, please feel free to contact us.

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