Action Soccer with Jason!

This up coming Saturday (12 Oct) Jason Van Tonder has arranged a day of sport with our 13 Little Dreamers. They will be heading off for action soccer at Montague Gardens Indoor Soccer Arena. Before they head off to the arena however they will be treated to a surprise breakfast. The line up for the day is all very hush, hush as Jason is keeping his lips sealed tight until the 12th. 

Jason Van Tonder is also a Salsa Instructor as well as magician, so I figure that either he will be making some balls disappear or he will be showing the kids a new form of Salsa Soccer. Hmmm, the possibilities are endless. 

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Breaking News! Full UFO Alien Disclosure by Canadian Minister of Defense

Please take the time to watch the full 9:47sec.

In this video the Canadian Minister of Defense- Hon Paul Hellyer speaks openly about extraterrestrial beings and how the US government have been working together with them for years. He also touches on the subject of how the masses are being kept from this knowledge by those who have a vested interest in keeping us in the dark (find out in the video who they are). You need to be informed about what is happening around you. 

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Dying To Belong- Children and Gangs

Pics taken from the web

Everyday hundreds of children throughout the world are dying because of their involvement in gang activity. Not only are they dying due to their involvement in gangs but they too are the perpetrators of gang violence, theft and even murder. In a bid to curb the involvement of children in gangs we need to take a closer look into the reasons why children become involved in gangs in the first place. When we understand the reasoning behind a child's decision making process prior to the joining of a gang, we have a better chance at influencing their choices.

The Good and the Bad- The Boesman Project

Within 4 days the music video titled 'The Good and the Bad' by the Boesman Project hits 44 000 hits on Youtube. The song and music video highlights issues of life on the Cape Flats, in particular gansterism and drug addiction.


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Bambini Dream On Pinterest

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Photographer: Anders Pettersson

Noluyanda Mqutwana strikes a pose in 2000 outside her small family house in Khayelitsha, the biggest black township, outside Cape Town, South Africa. Noluyanda was one of about 200 underprivileged children in a program called Dance for All. The township has struggled with high unemployment, crime and high levels of HIV/AIDS. Photo © Anders Pettersson

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