Cape Town and It's Beauty

An informative video about Cape Town, its history and its present


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Blikkiesdorp- Peek Behind The Iron Curtain

Today we take a look into the lives of two men living in Blikkiesdorp.  We hear about some of the challenges they are facing, living in the area and we also see how they are coping with life behind the iron curtain.

I found the contrast between how the two men are choosing to deal with their realities very telling.



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Trouble In Paradise - Gang Violence in the Cape Flats

Candy-Kennedy-e13259676611731 1

Pic: Candy Kennedy (taken from web) 

The Fairest Cape is known to many for its idyllic scenery and cosmopolitan lifestyle, a play-ground for the rich and famous. There is however another reality experienced by a large percentage of those living in the Cape Flats far removed from the paradise depicted in tourism brochures- and it is a reality which is based in fear due to the scourge of gangsterism and violence which has plagued the Cape Flats for decades.

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