Dream for a Day

Back into the community of Blikkiesdorp, ‘The Taxi‘ internet radio, The Boundless Heart Foundation andBambini Dream! this Saturday (28 Jan) will be hosting an event for children called, ‘Dream for a Day’.

The objectives for the day are very simple. The first and main objective is to inspire these young minds to dream and to create a unique art pieces which depicts their dreams. The second objective is to take their unique pieces, and allow the artist Sara Gaqa to weave her magic. Each piece will be framed and auctioned to raise funds for better facilities for the crèche in Blikkiesdorp.

The Effects of Music on The Body and Soul

Music has always played a significant role in all cultures throughout time, with many believing that music was around even before man. Music over the ages has evolved and these days we can have access to many genres of music, all at the touch of a button.

Even though we are privy to all these sounds, we have somehow lost the musical knowledge of our ancestors. Our forefathers knew that the benefits of music super ceded  the effects of pleasure. Music was used in many cultures as a medium between our world and the spirit world and it was also used to heal.

The Boundless Heart Foundation

The Boundless Heart Foundation, is a non-profit organisation which was founded in August 2011 by Andrew Gasnolar, Jasmina Gasnolar and Shamiel Hagee. When the organisation began, their mission was simple: to feed the hungry, and they set out to do this by organising various mobile feeding operations, however with each passing month their vision and ambitions for the organisation grew.

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