7 Steps To Success

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You are not perfect- deal with it! No-one is perfect, but we are perfect in our imperfections because we are unique. Each one of us was born with special talents and certain desires which are the raw materials we were meant to use to create the life of our dreams, if we so choose. We don't all look the same, or act the same or have the same talents but life is variety. Just as you are, the world is in need of you. The world is in need of the comic, the business person, the designer, the chef, the shy person and the extrovert. You are valuable!

The world also does not care about where you come from. Some of the greatest people in the world come from impoverished conditions or from situations of abuse and violence. It's not where you come from which matters but where you are going. The first step to success is accept who you are and to love yourself. Because if you do not love yourself you will not choose things which are life affirming. Remember, life will give you what you think you deserve. So if you don't believe you deserve much, you won't amount to much.



Expand your inner vision, see yourself become greater than your circumstances. The mental images you consistently hold of yourself is what you will become, so dream big! See yourself become the person you want be, a successful person in whichever field you choose. See yourself, living in the house you want to live in, get a specific mental picture of what it will look like. See yourself driving in the car you want to drive, what color is it? What model? How much does it cost?

Write down your dream, descibing in detail exactly what you want and write it as if you all ready have it. Write 'I am now studying at the University of my dreams. I am passing all my subjects with top marks.'

You mind is the one place in which you can live without physical restrictions so dream Big! Before you go to bed at night, take 5- 10mins to see yourself living your dream life. Block out all negative thoughts of 'can't', 'if only' and 'but'.

If there is a specific object which you want, see yourself holding it. See yourself showing your friends. Feel the joy as if you already have it. However big you dream, life is willing to give you 10 times more!



You have to believe in your dreams. All those who achieve Big Dreams are those who believe in their dreams. Start believing that life is magical and that it is waiting to follow your command.

'All things are possible to the one who believes'- Jesus

Not all believing brings results. Many people say they believe with their mouths, but not with their hearts. You need to believe with your heart to see your dreams come true. The best way to believe with your heart is to play pretend. Become now what you wish to be in the future.

For example; Let's pretend that you have just won a car in a competition. Even though you don't have the car now, you believe you will soon have it in your future. You will start to imagine yourself in your car. You will start to 'see' yourself going to fetch your best friend in your car. You will begin to monitor fuel prices, checking which petrol station has the best rates. You would do all of these things without doubting because you believe that your car will soon be yours. Now, whatever you want to achieve in your life, believe that you already have it, even if you do not physically have it, it is yours no doubt.



In order to be successful you have to be awake to opportunities. You cannot achieve big dreams when you are still fast asleep! Curiousity becomes intelligence and the most successful people are the ones who are wide awake to their surroundings. Becoming curious means that you become interested in life, you begin to question things and when you question you will inevitably get the answers. If your big dream is to become a soccer player, you need to become curious about soccer. Your passion for the sport will lead you to become curious about it and the more you know about a subject the greater your chances are to excel in it. Not only do you need to become curious about the topics relating to your dream but you also need to become curious about people and nature. Open your mind by becoming curious because when you open yourself up to life you also open yourself up to more opportunities. So lift your head up from your telephone or tablet before more of your opportunities pass you by!


Act now

Now! Today! Now! The time is perfect now for you to do something which moves you towards your dream. Would you like to travel? Have you applied for your passport yet? What are you waiting for?? Don't have money? You can still act now! You can go to the library and find out all you can about the place you would like to travel to so that once you get there you will know where to go. Would you like to win a bursary to study at university? Start studying now! Find out which types of bursaries are available and what the requirements are in order for you to win a bursary. Find out this information now! You may not have the money or exact opportunity now in order to live your dreams, but you have information and thanks to books and the internet information is mostly free.

The opportunities will present themselves to you as you move forward in the direction of your dreams by acting now. Do not worry about how your opportunities will present themselves, your job is to focus on what you want by believing it and taking action towards it.

Actions could be as simple as drawing a scene from your dream life, or writing a list of what you want or making space in your cupboard for the new 'thing' which you believe you will receive. Many of the 'actions' do not require money in fact most of them do not, so do not let thoughts of lack stop you from taking action NOW.


Be grateful

Gratitude is an ancient practice which can bring abundance into your life within a matter of hours. I know of people (and I am one of them) who have had dreams come true within a matter hours using the practice of gratitude. Gratitude is called the great multiplier and with good reason, because the more you are grateful for what you have in your life the more you open yourself up to receive more. Think about it, should you give me a gift and I show that I am not grateful for the gift, would you not think twice before giving me another gift? Sure you would! But if I show you that i am really grateful for the gift you gave would you not feel more motivated to get me something in the future? Sure you would!

Now here is a little secret, the quickest way to become successful in reaching your dreams is by being grateful for what you want as if you already have it! There are many practices which you could do to help you, I like to write: 'I am so happy and grateful now that....Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!'

What is important is that you really feel grateful in your heart. You really have to feel the way you would feel if you had what you want right now. If being thankful for something which has not yet happened seems difficult for you then stick to the present moment. Feel grateful for your bed, imagine how your life would be if you had to sleep on the floor. Feel grateful for the food you eat, imagine how your life would be if you were starving? Feel grateful for your family, imagine what your life would be like if you had no family, no sense of belonging. Every day start your day by writing 10 things for which you are grateful for that day. You can write it in your gratitude diary, you will be amazed at the results. Your entire life will change in a short period of time just by using gratitude.


Become a giver

The most successful people are those who are givers. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Nelson Mandela and many other great human beings have been great givers. Now at this point your are probably thinking, 'We'll if I had their kind of money I would be a giver too.' I will let you in on another secret, these people were givers before they became greats and because they knew the secret of giving they became as rich as they are, not the other way around. All religions speak about tithing which means giving a percentage of your money to those who do not have or for a worthy cause. You do not need to give money, you could give of your time by helping someone, you can give love, you can give a smile, you could even do all of these in one day!

Giving is an ancient success principle which leads to happiness in every area of your life. There is one condition though, in order to receive the benefits of giving you have to give without thoughts of getting back. You must give from your heart. Give from your heart and what you send out will come back to you X 10! Besides when you believe in your dreams and believe you are already that which you want to be, then would you not be giving back? Life is a mirror, it will reflect back to you what you believe, so when you hold back you are saying 'I am not successful. I am struggling. I need to hold on to what I got' and life being the clear mirror that it is will reflect back to you more circumstances which will show what you believe. If on the other hand you believe you will get what you want, you will have no fear. You will give with an open heart and what you give will come back to you in ways which you never dreamed.